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Solution & Integration consulting

What you need

You need to digitalise a business process.
To do so you need a trusted partner who will help you to handle all the project essential elements :


Define the target and the required functionalities in cooperation with all stakeholders

Planning Budget

Ensure that the schedule and budget will be met

Progress overview

Have good access to the work progress


Involve your team in building the user experience of the application


Be in a position to manage and run your solution thanks to customized support

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Our Methods

We put our expertise in implementing digital performance management solutions at your service using three methods

V Method

We recommend the V-method if your need is mature, and you want a controlled landing of costs and deadlines from start to finish accordingly.

K method

The Konvergence method combines the strengths of the following methods :

  • Lean Management
  • V-shaped method
  • And Agile Method
An overall  scoping of the needs will outline the application roadmap and achieve the objective by iteration.

Agile Method

Do you want to build your application by iteration and gauge your needs as you go along? Our Agile coaches and project teams will be able to support you in an optimized approach to equip you efficiently.

Our Business Lines

We design and implement end-to-end decision management applications: from specifications and settings to go-live and application maintenance.

We can also support you in the configuration and customization of our vertical business applications..