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TOTAL Long Term Vision – Shaping the future


Total is a major player in the energy sector. A producer and distributor of fuels, natural gas and electricity, Total  employed nearly 100,000 people in over 130 different countries.

The TOTAL group is organized into several branches: Exploration-Production, Refining-Chemicals, Gas Renewables & Power…


  • Total did not have a financial application to manage asset acquisitions and divestments in the E&P Branch over 25 years, to develop its LTP – Long-Term Plan vision.
  • In addition, the mobility encouraged within the group has logically led to the digitalization of the Medium-Term Human Resources Plan.
  • Konvergence partnered Total on brainstorming and the fast implementation of a solution…


  • The applications,implemented in only a few months, are now used by about sixty economists and financiers.
  • The reports are available for the COMEX each month .
  • The application provides ” Pit ” asset sheets with an automatic digital part coming from the database and a photo and comment part input directly on the form by users .
  • The collaborative work of the subsidiaries and the Human Resources Department on the desired movement of employees and the new needs have made it possible :
    • To forecast medium-term human resource requirements to meet Total’s long-term plan,
    • To draw up action plans to be implemented in terms of recruitment and international mobility,
    • To challenge the annual workforce forecast process presented to the COMEX for the implementation of the recruitment and internal mobility strategy.

Every year, Total renews its commitment to Konvergence for the implementation of new applications.