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Schneider Electric – Agile finance, What is it?


  • Founded in December 1871, Schneider Electric SE is a French industrial group with an international dimension (+115 countries). In 2019, it had a turnover of more than €27.2 billion.  In 13 years, Schneider Electric has doubled its turnover.
    Schneider Electric SE manufactures and offers electricity management products, automation and solutions adapted to these businesses.


  • The Group’s external growth policy frequently leads to the reorganization of the Group’s structure – acquisitions, mergers, divestitures – within all applications, which makes it necessary to calculate the perimeter effect.
  • As the Group is present in more than 115 countries, it is necessary to manage the exchange rate effect. In addition, the fluctuation in the price of raw materials has a strong impact on the group’s results.
  • In general, Schneider Electric needs agile and fast finance.


  • Konvergence has accompanied Schneider Electric for several years on the following aspects:
    • Enrichment of information with finer details than in existing systems,
    • Entity repository management (MDM),
    • Process management, either business or tool,
    • Collaborative process management  for financial consolidation data input .