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Bolloré Transport – Relevant KPI For decision-making


  • Bolloré Transport & Logistics is a major international transport and logistics operator. With 36,500 employees in 107 countries on five continents, the company has an annual turnover of around €10,000 million (300 entities).


  • An initial need was to digitalize the financial and operational reporting of port concessions. The various port-concession agreements in direct contact with different governments make the monitoring of operating results a key strategic stake, from planning to follow-up. This was done in Excel workbooks. The financial reporting unit required this process to be digitalized.
  • Konvergence supported the brainstorming and the rapid implementation of new solution.


  • the port teams easily upload their KPIs to provide a synthesis for the group:
    • Number of crane movements
    • Anchorage time
    • Gross operating time
    • Yard occupancy rate – container parking lot….
  • Due to this success, Bolloré Transport & Logistics once again trusted Konvergence to implement the new budgeting application.

This new application has saved an estimated 320 days – 1 day per entity & 20 days for the head office.