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Finance Consolidation

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Compliance with rental reprocessing standards requires a solid project approach, as well as powerful and ergonomic business solutions.

Standards, such as IFRS 16, are not just accounting. They directly impact budgetary policy, financial communication, relations with banking establishments, investment strategy, etc. Not to mention the management of rental contracts, as well as taxation as a whole.

The solutions must therefore allow the Finance and IT departments, see Real Estate, to collaborate easily, to understand the impacts of its standards and to take important decisions.

Our range of dedicated solutions has been developed with this in mind.

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Our business verticals


International Standard IFRS 16


American standard ASC 842


French standard ANC-2020-01


The reporting module dedicated to our rental reprocessing solutions

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Depending on the maturity of your project, the team dedicated to finance consolidation can support you on the business side during the following steps:

Framing of needs


  • Help you express all your needs


  • Challenge your processes
  • Highlighting your priorities
  • Modeling of your needs
  • Definition of application mapping with flow diagram.

Change management


  • Transform your teams into business partners


  • Diagnostic
  • Change management strategy which incorporates the specific features of management systems
    • Communication
    • Training
    • Post-production support

Business support


  • Support you in understanding accounting standards
  • Reinforce your team temporarily during times of overload


  • Support for the entire business system or a project phase, under your supervision.

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Our jobs

We can also assist you with the customization of turnkey applications in the finance / consolidation field

Our business verticals

k-IFRS16, k-CréditsBail, k-ASC842

Simple solutions guaranteeing full compliance.

1 - Speed ​​up your data collection:

  • Easy retrieval and control of existing data
  • Add additional fields
  • Management of complex contracts
  • Management of free and variable schedules
  • Management of rent indexes by country
  • Import all formats and control data quality

2 - Easily solve complex issues: multi-currency, multilingual, multigaap, subletting, various contract modifications, entry / exit of perimeters, etc.

3 - Digitize your processes:

  • Easy management of changes in your processes
  • Continuous data quality
  • Constant auditability and traceability
  • IN & Out integration with all existing systems
  • Data justification by attached documents

4 - Quickly realize change management

  • Easy cross-collaboration
  • Monitoring of the execution of project stages
  • Easy application deployment
  • Very quick to learn thanks to the "Excel" look and feel


  1. Increase your solutions k-IFRS16, k-CréditsLaux and k-ASC842
  2. Speed ​​up your closings thanks to turnkey appendices for the establishment of your universal registration document, and thanks to a summary of appendices made mandatory by regulations.
  3. Get a better understanding of the impacts thanks to turnkey and navigable accounting reports to access all the details of your impacts
  4. Have better monitoring of your impacts and help with decision-making thanks to detailed dashboards for the income statement, assets and liabilities
  5. Enrich your rental-related information for more extensive analyzes and better control of the impacts thanks to a maximum of 4 additional analytical axes, fully customizable and automatically reflected in all existing reports