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In a market punctuated by turmoil, uncertainty but also opportunities, it is a safe bet that the corporate landscape will change : mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, changes and the appearance of new business models.

Today, the finance function plays an essential role in the company’s operations and development strategy. More than ever, finance directors are collaborating with operational management, enabling them to make the best decisions with full knowledge of the facts – decisions that must be in line with the company’s strategy and require an optimal allocation of resources.

The digitalization of the finance function is essential to ensure the availability of reliable and secure data on time and to provide the time needed for analysis and thinking. Called upon to ensure the company’s financial security and to measure its economic performance, the finance function fulfills several essential roles :

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Called to ensure the financial security of the company, to measure its economic performance, the financial function fulfills several essential roles:


Easily develop a budget on an expanding perimeter while ensuring the actual follow-up on a perimeter to date.


Secure the conditions of profitability of investment projects


Ensure  required cash availability


Calculate the dividends to be paid out and maintain a liquidity buffer for investments

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According to the maturity of your project, the Advisory team will be able to collaborate with you on the business side throughout the following steps:

Framing of needs


  • Help you express all your needs


  • Challenge your processes
  • Highlighting your priorities
  • Modeling of your needs
  • Definition of application mapping with flow diagram.

Change management


  • Transform your teams into business partners


  • Diagnostic
  • Change management strategy which incorporates the specific features of management systems
    • Communication
    • Training
    • Post-production support

Business support


  • Support you in understanding accounting standards
  • Reinforce your team temporarily during times of overload


  • Support for the entire business system or a project phase, under your supervision.

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Our Business Lines

We can also partner with you on the customization of the vertical business solutions in the finance sector.

Our vertical Business Solutions


The IT Teams :

  • Monitor their project costs
  • Monitor their operational costs
with regard to their budget and in line with the finance team, the business units and the corporate office. Finance Teams
  • drive IT and non-IT investments


Subsidiary and Head Office Finance Managers :

  • Easily draw up their budgets,
  • Follow the Actual
  • Set up Forecasts


Through collaborative work between the head office, the subsidiaries, fiscality and accounting, the target is to:

  • Calculate the net dividend share to be paid to each shareholder, based on the net income of each subsidiary.
  • Share legal and tax documents