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Architecture & Systems

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In an increasingly Cloud-geared market, French, European and global companies must anticipate a transition between:
  • an “on-premises” world, where software solution hosting is the responsibility of the IT department on in-house servers.
  • and a “cloud” world, where the deployment and administration automation leads to time and investment saving on solution implementation.
  • System architect and system expert functions have become essential:
  • DevOps architect, Big Data, Data Lake, IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence), etc.
  • Cloud solution system expert (BPaaS, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS… XaaS),

Market take-up of these functions is growing by almost 50% each year in France.

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The architecture and system function diversification meets a strong demand from companies on the following points: simplification requirements, consulting needs, a market concentration and a concern for constant innovation.


The hosted infrastructure need is growing exponentially, requiring t multi–Data Center deployment.


IoT type network configuration, with high security requirements (dual, TLS, TDE, encryption, etc…), data integrity, etc…


Managed Services, dashboards, administration interfaces, digital support


Mergers and acquisitions,  environment migration to the Cloud from on-premises environments.


Micro-services, Big Data, Data Lake, Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning, Dockers, Containers, DevOps, etc.

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Our Technical activities

The Architecture & Systems team supports you in three areas:



  • To design an architecture to meet your requirements
  • As-Is analysis
  • Highlighting your priorities
  • Training on the target architecture
  • Modeling your needs
  • Definition of the technical charting with architectural diagrams

System Expertise


  • Remove the complexity and provide innovation to your upcoming architecture
  • Diagnosis
  • Specification book
  • Documentation
  • Coding of specifics
  • The most time-consuming task automation
  • Using innovative technologies to ensure availability and easy access to your solution

Digital Partnering


  • Technical change management and coaching on the new system
  • Taking charge of the complete technical system or a project phase, under your supervision.
  • Advising on best practices, optimization and growth of the solution

Customers in 2021




Working in 70 countries


% average growth 2016-2021

Our Technical activities

We can also work with you on vertical architecture and system customization.

Our Activity fields


The developers’ roles :

  • Expert in multi-platform development
  • Data Scientist
  • Creator of specification documentation for your additional needs


DevOps experts’ roles:

  • Automation engineer/expert, integration specialist (Kubernetes)
  • Responsible for unit testing, deployment and monitoring
  • Quality Assurance
  • Security Engineer
Expert in administration tools


The architects’ roles :

  • Comply with your needs,
  • Propose solutions suited to your needs
  • Estimate workloads, software and hardware requirements and skills needed
  • Project support