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Your partner in your business and IT transformation projects Your partner in your business and IT transformation projects
A multidisciplinary team to support you in all phases of your projects
Recognized business and technical expertise A multidisciplinary team to support you in all phases of your projects READ MORE Our customers testify Bolloré Transports, Schneider Electric, Total : discover our latest customer cases READ MORE

Konvergence is your partner in providing support for your business and IT transformation projects.

Because in “digital transformation”, there is first of all “transformation”.
Konvergence relies on business experts to optimize your processes,
the digital part is addressed by Architecture & Solutions experts

A team that combines complementary expertise to support you and secure all stages of your project:

Business Consulting

Your Needs :

  • Define a Roadmap
  • Challenge your processes
  • Express your needs
Our Answer :
  • Scoping Design
  • Business Support
  • Change management

Architecture & Systems

Your needs :

  • Remove the information silos and make your systems communicate easily
  • Preserve and enhance your existing systems
  • Comply to your standards and security
Our answers :
  • Seamless integration with existing systems thanks to our native connectors
  • SaaS located in France

Solution & Integration Consulting

Your Needs :

  • Agility and reactivity
  • Cost control
Our Answers :
  • Efficient and scalable projects
  • A project method adapted to your culture
  • Tailor-made support from the start of implementation to production

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Our Vision

A company’s long-term viability is measured by its ability to successfully adapt to competition, develop market share and reinvent itself.

The three business pillars that will enable it to achieve this flexibility are :


Monitoring financial performance, compliance with accounting rules Controlling :

  • Management control
  • Budget elaboration
  • Reporting
  • P&I
  • Investment
  • IFRS16
  • ASC842

Sustainable Development

Respect for the environment, employees and partners  

  • CSR approach Implementation
  • Risk management
  • Steering extra-financial performance
  • CSR / ESG reporting requirements: Extra-Financial Performance Statement (DPEF), Greenhouse Gaz assessment

Human ressources

Talent and employee management

  • Payroll planning and follow-up
  • Talent and career management
  • Variable salary calculation
  • Mobility planning and monitoring
  • The companies we support are present in 70 countries

    - 30% of CAC 40 companies
    - 33% of SBF120
    e - 15% of our turnover is generated internationally
    Our clients are companies and organizations from all sectors with a strong presence in the banking, distribution, industry, transport and logistics sectors.

  • A well-grounded international dimension.

    Based in Paris, Konvergence has an international presence through its US subsidiary and its partners located in Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Morocco, Tunisia, Australia, United States, etc.

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